Will I have to live with this all my life? Will it ever go away? Will I always feel like this? See the Answer

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Emotional Health
If you feel like you're taking so many pills that you don't want to eat, or can't bear to take extra pills like multivitamins, or everything is just too overwhelming and you don't want to stick to your diet at all, talk to someone about what's going on.
Cope however you can. No 2 people can take IBD the same way so be comfortable with it. The fact is things won't be the same ever again and you just have to make the best of it. After awhile you need to settle into the new lifestyle because it's ALWAYS going to be a part of your life and you can't stay mellow-dramatic forever.
With dealing with this disease, you need faith and humor. These two things are like your right hand and left hand in boxing, you need both. Faith plays a key factor in coping, feeling loved, and just so many other areas. Humor is great as well. Being able to laugh or crack a joke about C&C is good even if it's just to yourself! I personally say that "Only REAL men take their own stool sample!" or "I've got one up on the jocks at school" is great. Hope this helps!
There are some things you can't eat now? Don't think about them...think about the things you CAN eat! Stay positive!
We can also feel the "loss" of something we never had, but planned or hoped for. For instance, an upcoming family vacation, competing in your sport this season, or starting high school along with your friends. When these types of plans get derailed because of your illness, it's normal to grieve over them, too.
If you know what to expect about your disease -- especially when it comes to appearance changes -- you probably won't have any surprises. You'll also have more time to prepare yourself for what might happen (and hopefully feel less helpless or defeated). Talk to your doctor and other members of your health care team to get the heads-up on anything that might throw you for a loop.
Although it may seem like doctors' visits, procedures, and other obligations can push everything else out of the picture, it's actually more important than ever to keep doing the things you've always loved to do (as long as you're physically able to do them, of course). Whether it's playing an instrument, following a local sports team, drawing and painting, going to movies, writing poetry...look at how you can still fit your interests and hobbies into your life. Even if you're not feeling up to it, you might force yourself to try even for just 10 minutes a day. The important thing is to find some way to stay connected with what's made you feel good about yourself in the past.
When you think about it, feelings of stress are not all that different from feelings of depression or low self-esteem. They're all mixed up with each other. Check out all our advice on what to do when you've Got Stress?
There will be times when you feel like hiding underneath your covers or curling up in the darkest corner of your closet. That's normal. But keep in mind that doing that will only make you feel more alone. If you feel like even your closest friends just don't understand, find someone who knows what you're going through. In fact, locating other young people with IBD should be a priority for you and your family. Feeling understood can really ease the pain.
Knowledge is power. Information can give us the tools and inspiration we need to take charge of a situation. Taking charge has a funny way of making us feel good about ourselves. In general, the more active a role you play in the management of your IBD, the more educated you are about what you can do to feel better day by day (in the long run, too) and the less helpless and defeated you will probably feel. You may surprise yourself with feelings of pride, strength, and accomplishment.