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Name: Habiba
Diagnosed: 06/17
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Well here it goes :) Sunday 12th of may I got up and got dressend and made my way to the bus . Ny tummy hurt a little bit so I shrugged it off but halfway there I felt a sharp stabbing pain , so I went back home , soon I was soo dizzy that I couldnt stand and I had a fever of 39.7 so I went to a doctor and he said I had appendicitis and I had a ct scan and I didnt have appendicitis and kept me for one night then sent me home ... I got worse and my mom took me to lebanon and they said I have swollen lymph nodes ... they were wrong and a few weeks later I was bedridden and vomiting everything I eat...then I went to nyc and I saw 3 doctors 2 said I was faking then I saw the 3rd doctor , I had a colonoscopy and and upper gi endoscopy and I swallowed a video capule and I had an mri . Then I was diagnosed with crohns and I was a bit bummed out but then I realuzed that I am blessed and I was diagnosed in only 6 weeks and my case isnt that severe :) and what dosent kill uou makes you stronger and youre not alone :)