Will I have to live with this all my life? Will it ever go away? Will I always feel like this? See the Answer

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You'll want to know about your options. Listen to college students living with Crohn's (this link takes you to the IBD U website).

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We know how difficult it is to live with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s as a teen and that’s why we created this site – you are not alone! This is a place where you can learn and connect with other teens who share their stories and experiences. At UC and Crohn’s, you can:

  • Get practical advice for handling your illness. 

  • Get facts about the importance of nutrition and basic tips for staying on track (and maybe even enjoying) the diet… especially in potentially awkward social situations, you know, like school, the mall…

  • Get school survival skills, including how to handle teachers, long absences, and how to communicate without having to divulge too much information.

  • Get tips on how to add physical activity into your regimen. Yes, that means sweating a little.

  • Get into on how to make the most of relationships with doctors.

I showed this website to my friend who was just diagnosed with Crohn’s about four days ago and he called me freaking out about it. He told me that it was helpful to read because it helped him to understand what he was going to be dealing with and some of the things that he should expect in the next few months,” says one site visitor.

In addition to this awesome site, www.starbrightworld.org allows you to connect through a private, moderated online community where you can vent, ask advice and provide support for other teens.